JSD Added to the JST Store – Celebrate With Up To 88% Off!

Any of you who have followed along with the JST journey over the years know that we didn’t start with plugins – we started with drum samples. The original Joey Sturgis Drums webstore was launched all the way back in 2009 and contained some of my favorite samples that I had created over many years of music production. The idea was that by sharing those samples with you all, anyone could get punchy, impactful drums without having to start from scratch by miking up a large kit in a professional studio.

As time went on, we continued to develop new sample packs with other producers I admire. We released one shot samples, as well as Drumagog and Kontakt instruments with drummers like Miles McPherson (Kelly Clarkson, Paramore). We amassed a huge library of amazing drum sounds as we grew.

But as we went, JST quickly grew alongside our drum samples – and that’s how most of you know us today. While thousands of engineers and producers are using our drum samples, there are even more out there using our plugins that we’ve developed under the JST brand designed to make mixing easier so you can get back to the fun stuff – making music.

Our mix-ready tones from our virtual guitar rigs and our intuitively designed dynamics processors are found in thousands of studios around the world now across every genre you can imagine. Tools like Howard Benson Vocals are putting professional vocal chains within reach for many musicians out there. We’re accomplishing our mission in more ways than I could ever have imagined when this all started.

Bringing Things Together

To better align our products and make sure that our resources are available to the widest audience possible, we’ve decided to combine our webstores by bringing Joey Sturgis Drums into the JST family. They’re the same great samples as before, but in a place where we know more producers will find them and benefit from them.

As we continue forward, this unlocks a ton of doors for us as a company. New sample packs will be dropped right here on joeysturgistones.com. We’ll be able to bundle these great drum libraries with other products and give you more feedback and reviews from the community like you’d see on any plugin page.

And to celebrate this new combination, we’re marking down every single product from the JSD store. This means you can get up to 88% off great sample packs and Kontakt instruments, including: 

Go explore the full collection in our Drum Samples section today and find the right fit for your mixes – then subscribe below to be notified of all the great new sample packs we’ve got coming soon!

Happy mixing,

Joey Sturgis