I lost my order email, how can I access it again?
Click here: https://joeysturgistones.com/recover

Do you offer academic discounts?
Unfortunately at this time, we do not offer any student or academic discounts.

How do I upgrade to Gain Reduction Deluxe?
Read this article here: https://joeysturgistones.com/pages/gain-reduction-deluxe-upgrade

How do I upgrade to Producer Bundle II?
Read this article here: https://joeysturgistones.com/pages/producer-bundle-ii-upgrade

I own x number of plugins out of 7 of the plugins in the Producer Bundle II, can I get a discount?
Unfortunately, it isn't possible for us to account for every possible purchase scenario as it would require us to offer 823,543 different upgrade combinations (seven to the seventh power). Sorry about that!

There is an update for my order, how do I download it?
We will email you when we update a product or a product within a bundle. Click the link in the email. You can also login to your user account to download your update.

Where are my past orders?
Read this article here: https://joeysturgistones.com/pages/where-are-my-past-orders

My download attempts ran out, what do I do?
Email support@joeysturgistones.com and explain your situation, include your order number. Someone from support will reset your order and send you a download link.

I want to try out a plugin, where are the demos?
We do not offer demos for our products. Check out the product page to learn more about the product before purchasing.

Can I install the plugin on multiple machines?
You can install the plugins on any machine of which you are the sole user. You may not install the plugin on any machine that could potentially redistribute the plugin to other computers.

Do I need an iLok to use your plugins?

No. You only need a free iLok account and any supported deposit location. Our plugins allow you to deposit your license either on your host machine, a dongle (2nd Gen and beyond), and some support the iLok cloud. Check individual product pages for more information. To be clear - you DO NOT need an iLok dongle to use our products.

I heard there's an update for a product I purchased!
If you ordered before April 30th, 2015, you will need to email support@joeysturgistones.com to get the update. If you ordered after or on April 30th, 2015, you will automatically be notified about the update via email. If you do not receive the email or can't locate the email, please contact support.

When logging in, it says my account doesn't exist!
JST has many sites with many different accounts. You've either signed up for an account with a different email, you don't have account with us, or you've used a different email with us in the past (perhaps our PayPal email). Search inside of your email for a Joey Sturgis Tones order confirmation and see which email address you have with us. If you don't have an account with us already, go ahead and create one using the same address you've used in the past. Make sure the account you sign up with is the same as what you ordered with

I can't get the Gain Reduction plugin to actually update to Gain Reduction Deluxe in my DAW!
Uninstall Gain Reduction before installing Gain Reduction Deluxe. Be sure to keep the old Gain Reduction installer around in case you need to open old projects, however, note that Gain Reduction Deluxe was designed to be backwards compatible with sessions using Gain Reduction.