Where are my past orders?

If you’ve made any orders with JST prior to April 30th, 2015 and you’ve created an account over at our new store - Welcome to the jungle baby! You’re gonna die... no but really.

All orders prior to April 30th, 2015 will not appear in your customer area. This is by design (but hey, we haven’t forgotten about you!). In fact, our new store knows which products you’ve purchased with us, they just don’t show up in your customer area for now. You’ll still get all the same great offers and promotions as if you had bought past products yesterday! Wow, we’re living in the future!

If you still need support for an older order, you may continue to contact our support team at support@joeysturgistones.com and we will assist you right away!

Now go make some kick-ass music!

You will still need to contact us for support on past purchases, however we have on file everything you've purchased and the store internally recognizes this in order to give you better offers and promotions. Old purchases won't show up in the fulfillment center, only new purchases will show up in the fulfillment center.