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nail the mix

Learn to Mix with Tyler Smyth

This month on Nail the Mix, you can learn to mix with Tyler Smyth and Blessthefall!

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in the studio with jst

Nail That Reverse Delay Effect!

This week, Nick shows you how to create reverse "ping pong" delay sounds on some vocals to bring a whole new level of production to your tracks!

Toneforge Guilty Pleasure Toneforge Ben Bruce Toneforge Menace Toneforge Jason Richardson Toneforge Misha Mansoor


Define Your Tone.

Toneforge takes any direct input guitar signal all the way to fully mixed guitar tone with unique all-in-one design.

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JST learn

What To Do When You Forgot To Use A Noise Suppressor

When tracking guitar amps live, it’s important that you’ve got some gating in place to keep things sounding smooth and polished. Gating becomes doubly important when working with high gain amplifiers, where every small noise, buzz or hum from your signal chain will be boosted to the max.


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