JST Heat is Now Available

After years of solid development, we proudly unleash our new plugin. Welcome a new era of tone... JST Heat

Meet JST Heat: A powerful and versatile mixing audio plugin from Joey Sturgis Tones. It's a Multiband Distortion and Saturation tool designed for any kind of music creator. With JST Heat, you’re in control of distortion for enhancing, mixing, and creative sound design.

But it’s not your average distortion plugin. It breathes life into your tracks. This is where analog warmth meets digital precision. JST Heat elevates your music production in ways you could never imagine. Ready to turn up the heat on your tracks? Let JST Heat ignite your musical creativity.

The Sound of JST Heat

Listen to how JST Heat can enhance and transform a variety of sounds and mixes. From adding a subtle warmth on vocals to injecting raw power into a guitar riff. These examples serve as a testament to the versatility and depth JST Heat brings to every track. Each example after "Argent Magma" is demonstrating the sound of JST Heat On and then Off in a alternating pattern.

Learn more at the JST Heat product page, and check out the FREE 14-DAY TRIAL!