Producer Bundle II Upgrade

How do I upgrade to Producer Bundle II?

First and foremost, thanks for being a loyal JST customer! If you've purchased Producer Bundle in the past and you're wondering how to get Producer Bundle II upgrade, there are a few things you need to do to be eligible for the upgrade.

  • Check your inbox for an email from us inviting you to create an account (If you already have an eligible account, skip to step 3)
    • If you accept this invitation, our system will pair you up with your old orders, internally. This allows us to give you special pricing in the shop based on your past purchases. If you create an account without using this invitation, it is very possible that you're not linked up with your older order history.
    • If you don't have this invitation or don't accept this invitation, you should still be able to create an account using the same email address that you used to shop with us and our system will automatically connect your account with your older order history, internally.
      • Note: Any orders made before April 30th, 2015 will not appear in your member area, this is by design, but our system knows they exist.
  • Make sure you're using the same email address as what you used to originally purchase Producer Bundle!
    • In order for us to know who you are, we use your email address as a unique identifier. The only way we know if you've previously purchased Producer Bundle before is via your email address!
  • Login to your account!
    • After you've accepted your account invitation or created an account using the same address, you need to go to our store and login to your customer account.
  • Visit the Producer Bundle II page!
    • The page is located here.
  • A combo box with various options should appear. Select the option "Upgrade".

It's really that easy! If you're having any issues, be sure to email our support team at!