JST Fatal Rebirth
JST Fatal Rebirth

JST Fatal Rebirth

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JST Fatal Rebirth: The Soundscape of a Collapsed World

Journey into a dystopian soundscape where AI rules, and humanity's echoes intertwine with the future's vibrations. Introducing "JST Fatal Rebirth" — a testament to the magic of granular synthesis, designed for tracks that tell tales of worlds reshaped by machines.

A Symphony of the Lost and the Reclaimed

With "JST Fatal Rebirth", you're not just getting sounds; you're immersing yourself in a narrative. Each composition, each beat, and each texture tells a story of a world transformed by profound events - a world both haunting and fascinating.

Inside "JST Fatal Rebirth"

  • Handcrafted: Born from the ashes for a fallen society, this collection by the wildly talented @MoeTheNatural and Joey Sturgis is an audial manifestation of a desolation and intricate beauty.
  • 20 Composition Kits (100 stems): Think of these as mini-songs that you can manipulate, pitch, slice, and completely tear apart and build back up to make your own. Each kit is a journey in itself, with 3-5 stems per composition. From the ominous rumble of "Devastator" to the contemplative vibes of "Dreamer," these tracks offer a diverse range of emotions and atmospheres.
  • 10 Drum Breaks & 6 Drum Kits: Discover hybrid drum sounds built from an array of real-world effects and textures. Featuring 20 Kicks, 20 Snares, 20 Hats, 20 Percussive Elements, 20 Cymbal Sounds, and 20 Tonal Elements.
  • 20 FX Loops & 20 Impacts: Perfect for crafting dramatic transitions and enhancing atmospheres with tension and depth.
  • 10 Swells: Elevate your productions with cinematic transitions.

Revolutionary Sound Design with Granular Synthesis

We dove deep into granular synthesis and sound design to create this pack. The result is a collection of sounds that are not just heard but felt - a testament to the creative possibilities when technology meets art.

High-Quality Audio

All samples are available in 48 kHz, 24-bit WAV format, meticulously organized by category, complete with BPM and key information for seamless integration.

Enhance your creative arsenal with the "X-Tension" plugin, an exclusive tool for creative audio manipulation.

Features Include

  • Dynamic Audio Lengthening: Stretch and morph audio organically and musically.
  • BPM-Synchronized Morphing: Seamlessly sync effects to your session’s BPM for musical coherence.
  • Unique Soundscapes: Create one-of-a-kind results with depth, filters, and parallel processing.

Royalty-Free & Ready-to-Use

"JST Fatal Rebirth" offers 100% royalty-free sounds, ready to integrate into your projects. Please note, redistribution and repackaging are strictly prohibited.

Embark on a Sonic Exploration

"JST Fatal Rebirth" is more than a sample pack; it's a gateway to a reimagined world. Step into this auditory journey and discover inspiration amid the echoes of a world reborn.

What You'll Get

  • 48 kHz, 24-bit WAV Files
  • 20 Composition Kits (100 stems total)
  • 10 Drum Breaks & 6 Drum Kits (120 unique drum sounds)
  • 20 FX Loops, 20 Impacts & 10 Swells
  • Total Sample Count: Over 250
  • Exclusive "X-Tension" Time-Based Convolution Effect Plugin
  • Perpetual Royalty-Free License


  • Mac or Windows computer with supported OS and supported DAW
  • Works with any DAW!

Benefits of Using JST Plugins

One-Time Purchase, Lifelong Benefits

No recurring fees. Buy once and the plugin is yours forever. No hidden charges, no annual renewals. Just pure, uninterrupted creativity backed by a lifetime of software updates.

Affordable Excellence

Top-tier sound shouldn’t break the bank. With JST, you receive premium quality without the premium price tag. And for those looking for even greater value? Dive into our specially curated bundles and amplify your savings alongside your sound.

Low Latency & CPU Friendly

JST plugins are engineered to be light on your system, ensuring smooth playback and recording sessions. With JST, elevate your sound without compromising your computer's performance.


JST was founded by music producer Joey Sturgis. He has also co-founded URM Academy, Drumforge, Riffhard and has contributed massively to music creators all over the world.

  • 5x RIAA Gold Certified Records
  • 100+ Albums Produced
  • 50+ Plugins Designed
  • 8+ Million Album Sales
  • 2+ Billion Global Streams

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Daniel Davenel
Pretty good sam

This has pretty good samples in it for someone trying to get the ball rolling with ideas

Great Sample Pack!

Out of all the sample packs on this site, I think this one has the most to offer. I like them all, but I'm definitely glad I got this one. Plus, when I got it, it was paired with X-tension, which I ended up really loving. Super versatile for post production additions to fill out the track, or even as inspiration for sections in the writing phase.

Another Great Product

I own pretty much every singly JST product minus some impulse responses and drum samples and I always end up using them. Fatal Rebirth is no exception, I've been using it (along with the other post production packs) on alot of my projects lately and the sounds provided in this pack have been very easy to use, and manipulate to my own purposes. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.