Impulse Responses: Your Quick Start Guide
Looking to unlock your in-the-box guitar tones by adding impulse responses (IRs), but not really sure where to get started? Fear no more! This guide will serve as your step-by-step tutorial on loading IRs into your session and how you can find the perfect IR for your song.
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The Fastest Way to Amplify Your Screams
Screaming vocals are some of the most guttural, intense sounds you can work with in a mix. A great screamer maintains control and power over his performance, and can replicate the same sound day after day on tour without ruining their vocal cords.
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Summing Up The Biggest Problem With Amp Sims
Amp sims are an integral part of our workflow, and very obviously a huge part of what JST offers as part of our plugin collection. Not all amp sims are made equal though, and there are some major issues with amp sims, especially when it comes to processing power.
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