The Beginner's Guide To Classic Keys
Long before the arrival of digital audio workstations, before computers, before MIDI, we had keys. Pre-dating recorded music; pianos were among the most popular instruments dating all the way back to the early 18th century. That’s where our story begins…
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Adding Your Stamp of Approval To Every Mix
We’ve talked a bit in the past about leaving your own sonic imprint to everything you work on. Whether you do so intentionally, or it’s a subconscious result of your workflow and approach, it’s undeniable that every single producer, engineer & mixer adds their own sound to each and every song they touch.
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Two Steps Toward Better Bass In Your Next Mix
Turning your mixes into a polished, professional final product is a tedious, detail-focused effort. Mixers work to isolate problem areas in individual tracks, clean them up, and tie them all together for an emotional, dynamic mix (hopefully).
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