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First, let me start off by saying I hate the phrase "Cheatsheet". You'll see this kind of stuff get all sorts of hate on the internet - people claiming, "Those Frequency Guides are bull sh**!" And they're RIGHT!... most of the time

But let me tell you why this Cheatsheet is actually different (and more importantly, how it's going to benefit you - because it's NOT just another frequency guide).

It starts with the physics of sound. If you didn't already know, when you send electrical current at different voltages to a speaker, it causes the speaker to move which causes the air to move which creates sound. This same sort of thing happens in reverse for microphones.

So why does this matter? Because there are tendencies, behaviors, and reactions that we experience in audio engineering. For example, the shape of a kick drum lends itself to have a build up at specific frequency. Why? Because of physics! Interesting right? And there's a whole lot more to the story.

This is why a Cheatsheet like the one I'm sharing with you today can be so powerful. It is revealing some of the necessary moves that will work and compliment your engineering based on years of experience and sonic physics. Sound good? I thought so too!

So, click below to download your free Cheatsheet and let me know what you think by writing me an email. By the way, if you download this cheat sheet, Jordan will be sending you something REALLY cool a few days later. You won't believe how much it will up your mixing game.