JST Bus Glue Drums SE

JST Bus Glue Drums SE

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Introducing JST Bus Glue Drums SE, a simple yet powerful audio plugin for shaping and refining your drum bus dynamics. Developed by Joey Sturgis Tones, the 'Special Edition' of this plugin is packed with powerful features to help you achieve professional-sounding drum mixes.

Made By Mixers For Mixers

JST Bus Glue Drums SE is a part of the Bus Glue series, a set of audio plugins designed specifically for controlling the dynamics of different groups of tracks in a mix. It uses a variety of compression and saturation techniques, developed over a decade of mixing experience and practical testing across various music genres. The goal is to provide a set of compressors that can achieve results other compressors can’t.

Watch the video below to hear exactly what this amazing plugin can do for your mixes.

ARC (Auto Release Control)

With JST Bus Glue Drums SE, you’ll have access to both opto and electro compressor modes, allowing you to achieve the perfect compression for your drums. Additionally, the plugin features an ARC (auto release control) switch which allows you to change the release characteristic of the compressor between fixed release (Manual) and auto release (ARC) modes. The auto release is program dependent, recovering faster after a peak and slower after longer periods of gain reduction, ensuring that your drums sound natural and punchy without any unwanted artifacts.

Optimized For Drums

Most compressors are designed to be used in a wide range of applications, which is why you often need to stack multiple compressors or use other processors to get the desired sound. However, JST Bus Glue Drums SE is specifically designed for drums, which makes it extremely useful.

This plugin is perfect for any producer or engineer looking to take their drum mixing to the next level. Whether you’re working on a metal track or a pop song, JST Bus Glue Drums SE will help you achieve the perfect drum mix dynamics. Don’t settle for mediocre drum mixes, take your drums to the next level with JST Bus Glue Drums SE. Try it out for yourself and experience the difference it makes.

What You'll Get

  • Plugin installers for Windows and macOS
  • One JST BG-Drums SE Plugin Single User Licence3 iLok activations (no dongle required)
  • User Manual


A computer with M-series, Intel or AMD compatible processor, Windows or macOS operating system, free iLok account, and a compatible DAW installed (check which plugin formats your DAW supports). This plugin does NOT operate as a standalone application! An iLok dongle is NOT required to use this software.


  • Windows 7+ (64 bit): VST3, AAX
  • macOS 10.14+ (64 bit): VST3, AU, AAX

Supported DAWs

  • Cubase
  • Reaper
  • Pro Tools
  • Logic
  • Garageband
  • Ableton Live
  • Studio One
  • FL Studio
  • Digital Performer
  • LUNA


Copyright © 2023 Joey Sturgis Tones. All rights reserved.
VST and VST3 are trademarks of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.
macOS and Audio Unit are trademarks of Apple, Inc.
Windows is a trademark of Microsoft, Inc.

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No recurring fees. Buy once and the plugin is yours forever. No hidden charges, no annual renewals. Just pure, uninterrupted creativity backed by a lifetime of software updates.

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Top-tier sound shouldn’t break the bank. With JST, you receive premium quality without the premium price tag. And for those looking for even greater value? Dive into our specially curated bundles and amplify your savings alongside your sound.

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JST plugins are engineered to be light on your system, ensuring smooth playback and recording sessions. With JST, elevate your sound without compromising your computer's performance.


JST was founded by music producer Joey Sturgis. He has also co-founded URM Academy, Drumforge, Riffhard and has contributed massively to music creators all over the world.

  • 5x RIAA Gold Certified Records
  • 100+ Albums Produced
  • 50+ Plugins Designed
  • 8+ Million Album Sales
  • 2+ Billion Global Streams

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
angel rivera
I loved

Cumple su trabajo is a truth glue compressor, nice job.

Phil Dacapo Sonorisation
Glue Drums

Very good sound !!!!! I like it...

brian oakes
Love this compressor !!

This compressor is amazing !! Gives me the punchy sound I’ve been looking for on my drum buss !!

Best plugin for parallel compression

This is by far the best plugin for parallel compression. Heavy Hardrock drums, but not too snappy

Kenny Parker
Wonderful Dynamic control

One of my favorites parallel compression tool ! Especially for EDM.