🎸 Toneforge Guilty Pleasure is Available Now!

It’s not every day we get to launch new product. Of course, we’re always stoked about a new plugin, but there’s some brand new features on this one that are really special. If you guys haven’t checked out Toneforge Guilty Pleasure yet, here are some of the biggest things I think you’ll love:

  1. All new high-gain amp designed by Joey Sturgis
  2. 2 custom built cabinet options with 4 microphones each
  3. A host of FX that we’ve never included before (The wah, reverb and delay pedals will give you an array of textural and atmospheric options)
  4. Built-in Impulse Response Loader

I’m going to level with you guys, this is one plugin that’s virtually impossible to get a bad guitar tone out of. If you guys want some ripping guitar tones, this is the one to get.

Head over to the Toneforge Guilty Pleasure product page to learn more.

Listen here: