Toneforge Disruptor v1.0.2 Update - Now Available

Toneforge Disruptor v1.0.2 is now available. See below for what's new...

What's New?

New Features

  • Added Pixelator Pedal FX
  • Added Sidewidener II Pedal FX
  • Added JST Collaborators Presets (Damien Rainaud, Evan Fortgang, Jake Pitts, Leon del Muerte and Xander Charles)
  • Added JST Collaborators DI Profiles (Acea Lashley, Ashley Smith, Evan Fortgang, Jacob Hansen, Leon del Muerte and Robin Leijon)


  • A/B bug fixes (embedded IR recall)
  • [Reverb] Variable buffer size fix


  • Updated manual
  • Performance improvements (DSP and GUI)
  • Modified factory presets are now displayed in italics
  • Renamed Pedal FXs (Fuel Injected - Overdrive, Descent - Chorus, Soul Hacker - Lofi Filter, High-Tech - Delay, Battle For Utopia - Reverb, Pixelator - Bit Crusher and Sidewidener II - Stereo Widener)

Additional Note

JST is continuing works through developments and the advantages of new technologies to optimize all areas of the/this (and all JST) product(s); CPU prioritized, etc and where possible, to heighten efficiency, and provide streamlined workflows for our users. This to also include support for accessibility.