Toneforge DI Match Now Available!

Until now, amp sims have been plagued by one significant issue: accounting for the input guitar's source DI, which ultimately shapes every guitar tone. Toneforge DI Match is an innovative plugin solution to that problem, promising to deliver unparalleled tonal accuracy and consistency.

Toneforge DI Match enables guitarists and mixers everywhere to get closer to the tones they want at the source. With Toneforge DI Match, you can quickly and easily match any DI guitar to another DI source’s tonality. Some common examples include:

  • Matching your DI’s sound to a DI from a previous session
  • Matching your DI’s sound to another musician’s DI sound
  • Matching your DI’s sound to a different guitar configuration (guitar style, pickup, strings, etc.)

This plugin can save hours of time in the studio trying to create more consistent tones since you can effectively match your raw DI tone to any other DI source you have access to. To get you started, we’ve included a few of our favorite DI captures, plus pink & white noise captures.

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