✅ New Howard Benson Vocals v1.0.1 Update

Joey Sturgis Tones release Howard Benson Vocals v1.0.1; with new features, updates, and presets (inc. ‘keys presets’ from Howard Benson and renowned drummer/producer Neil Sanderson - Three Days Grace). Available today from joeysturistones.com, and worldwide online plugin resellers (List: $199).


Check your inbox for the download, or purchase your copy today. If you did not get an email, contact support@joeysturgistones.com.


Contributing to more than 100 million album sales and more than 20 billion streams over the course of his career, credited with "an ear for a hit", Howard Benson has garnered multiple awards and nominations, including a nomination for Producer of the Year in both 2007 and 2008. Now his vocal chain is in your hands!

Users can now easily attain the perfect sweet spot for compression & warmth, a perfectly EQ'd tone to fit the mix, vocals that are harmonically pleasing and pour out of your speakers, with just the right amount of delay & reverb.

What’s New (v1.0.1):

- New De-Esser feature with sc-monitor ("Hold Shift to hear the de-essed signal").
- Added Howard Benson and Neil Sanderson Keys presets.
- Added JST Collaborators presets.
- Added JST Community presets.
- macOS Catalina support (macOS 10.10 minimum).
- Signed / Notarized macOS package.
- 32-bit support dropped.
- [Multiplier] Phase issue fix.


- Windows 7+
- Mac 10.10 - 10.15
- AAX, AU, VST2, VST3 compatible host (64-bit only)
- FREE iLok Account (iLok dongle NOT required - Computer, iLok 2/3, iLok Cloud activation supported)


Howard Benson Vocals is a complete vocal chain package of 7 distinct modules for power, presence, complexity, spread, depth, dimension, and energy.

Vocals Module (power):

Sweet Saturation

Start off in the sweet spot with a compressor geared up for great vocals! This compressor comes packed with Grit and Tube Warmth - sure to add some heat, sweetness, and saturation to any voice. Fix your S’s, T’s and plosives with the new De-Esser.

EQ Module (presence):

Creative Equalization

With the semi-parametric, 3-band EQ, paint a picture of how your vocals should sound. Use wide strokes with bell curves for big, dramatic vocals or keep your brush strokes narrow for finer, detailed control. Whatever you choose, this EQ's musicality is sure to resonate with your vocalist.

Multiplier Module (complexity):

Hearing Double

Multiply your results with half as much effort. Achieve a luscious, doubled vocal when you're without a double track.

Width Module (spread):

Thicker Vocals

As much as harmonic density adds to the thickness of your vocal, you also need to consider how much of your vocal’s presence comes from how wide it sounds. The Width module lets you spread your vocals out wide without thinning them out.

Echo Module (depth):

Expressive Echoes

Tempo-synced or Milliseconds? Mono or Stereo? How many repeats? With this vocal-centric echo unit, your delays can dance around your vocals in any manner you'd like

Space Module (dimension):

Beyond The Booth

Now things are starting to take shape... But what shape will your vocals be in? With the Space control, you decide between intimate, upfront vocals or larger than life reverb.

Output (energy):

High Voltage

All good things must come to an end, but by the time you're done, you'll have a high octane vocal ready for release.