JST Sky Box Gets Massive Advanced Features Update | Version 1.1.0

JST’s versatile and charismatic reverb plugin, Sky Box, has been a crowd favorite since it launched. With a full-featured, 14-day trial, thousands of engineers, producers, and mixers have seen first-hand what having a lush, complex reverb effect available in their DAW can do for their work. Now, with the 1.1.0 update, Sky Box takes sonic exploration and experimentation to a new level with a whole new set of Advanced Features!

Version 1.1.0 is a free update for all previous owners of the plugin, be sure to check your inbox for an email from us with your refreshed download link(s). And, if purchased from a 3rd party reseller, be sure to contact them for an update in your user account at their site(s).

New Advanced Features 

In Sky Box Version 1.1.0, we’ve added more than 20 new parameters to help customize your reverbs more than ever. Accessed through the Advanced Features menu, users can now control things like Input/Output Gain, Follow, and Ducking that helps with the intensity and clarity of the signal. There are also momentary switches added to the advanced feature set with Kill and Freeze – the former causing the reverb tail to fade out while the latter holds onto the tail and “freezes” it in place. 

We’ve also introduced more advanced filtering and spatial controls with both a Wet Filter and Width knob. The Wet Filter gives users in-plugin control over high pass and low pass settings, eliminating the need for a post-reverb EQ, while the Width knob helps you dial in the overall width of the processed signal (and enables you to push the boundaries of your stereo field with width settings up to 200%). 

Rounding out the first half of the new advanced features are the Invert Polarity switch and the Mono Low End switch. These two controls are designed to help clean up any muddiness in your mix – something especially important when working with reverb. 

More Than Just Reverb 

Anyone who's used Sky Box knows that the plugin itself has always been more than just reverb. The modulated tones from the effect range wildly from simple reverbs in small rooms to massive, crunchy sound effects. The Advanced Features menu expands on these tones, giving users control over each of those other “behind the scenes” effects for the first time.

Within the Advanced Features menu, you’ll be able to control it all – Compression, Distortion, Sample Rate Reduction, and Pitch Shifting. Each of these settings are fully automatable, expanding on what the Modulation knob already offers. There’s a whole world of new sounds just waiting to be discovered.

Beyond each effect’s controls, there are also three additional global parameters we’ve introduced to address the decay and modulation rate of the plugin. With the Massive switch, users can expand the decay range of the plugin, making even larger soundscapes in the process. And if the rate of the modulation isn’t quite your style, we’ve added a Sync switch to lock the tempo of pre-delay and modulation to the host, plus a Mod Rate knob for when you’d rather do it yourself. 

All of these features make Sky Box Version 1.1.0 our most impressive update yet.

Extra Controls 

We realized during this update that there’s only so much that could be applied globally – after all, each of Sky Box’s 7 modes are unique in their own way. For this reason, we reserved the final section of the Advanced Features menu for mode-specific parameters!


The Cloud mode gets a brand-new Diffusion setting that controls the density of the echo.


The Chorale mode gets an Intensity setting that sets the intensity of the modulation.


The Shimmer mode adds a Dual Pitch Shift option that shifts the signal both up and down at the same time.


The Room mode introduces a new Depth control, which helps you balance the early reflections and late reverberations with one another. 

Plate & Spring

The Plate & Spring modes both get a new Mute Dry Leak option that eliminates any dry signal leaking into the processed signal. 


Blood mode now gets an all-new Bleed Out parameter that introduces white noise into the input signal, creating a unique type of modulation that’s exclusive to this mode. 

Best-In-Class Performance 

New features are amazing, but they often come at the cost of performance. Each new control can often introduce latency – either to the load time of the plugin or the time it takes for your computer to process the signal.

With version 1.1.0, we didn’t want to sacrifice in this space just to add more functionality. We intentionally worked to optimize this release to ensure that load times and processing times were kept to a minimum. We’re happy to deliver a release with so much power and flexibility without the bulkiness of other plugins.

Ready to Try Sky Box 

Sky Box will continue to be offered with a 14-day trial, meaning there’s never been a better time to test it out for yourself. Head on over to the product page to claim your free trial today!