🥳 JST now offers multiple activations with iLok!

We've made some changes! So, we used to offer only 1 Activation per license with our plugins protected by iLok. This came to be frustrating for a lot of you. But we listened, and you can now activate your plugin license in up to 3 locations concurrently!

That means you will be able to use our plugins in your home recording computer, your studio computer, and even your laptop at the same time!

All you need to do is login to your iLok License Manager, and you should see the multiple activations. If you don't, make sure you have the Activations column enabled.

Not showing up for you? Try this:
  1. Log out and log in, or
  2. Try Licenses -> Refresh Subscriptions, or
  3. Deactivate your current license, and then Activate it again.
If you still have trouble, please contact iLok customer support at https://ilok.com/#!support

By the way, this will work for all past, present, and future customers!

Let us know what you think over at the official Joey Sturgis Tones Instagram https://instagram.com/joeysturgistones.

Anyway, thanks for being awesome! For more updates in the future, follow us on Instagram https://instagram.com/joeysturgistones.