Conquer All Volume 5 Impulse Response Pack Now Available!

Now available, an entire new collection of impulse responses covering some of the most legendary speaker, cabinet, mic, preamp and poweramp combinations - Conquer All Volume 5.

Conquer All Volume 5 features over 150 WAV file Impulse Responses to redefine your guitar tone and conquer the mix. Expand your tonal palette and add some unique character with these heavy hitters, right at your fingertips!

From Marshall’s famous gutsy midrange punch, to the defined note projection of Bogner, Conquer All Volume 5 gives you a range of easy-to-use tonal options.

These impulse responses are great for:

  • Live use with your favorite modeler or profiler
  • Loading into an attenuator or load box for silent recording of your favorite tube amp
  • Getting a fresh sound from your favorite amp sim
  • Reamping existing tones
  • And mixing your guitars with the right tonal balance

Learn more on the Conquer All Volume 5 product page, click here.