😏 Be a hero. Save your toms. Kill the bleed!

We don’t have much time.

We’ve discovered that cymbal bleed is becoming self-aware. It’s coming for your drum tones. It’s coming to destroy your mixes.

Luckily, we’re introducing TOMINATOR to fight off the sentient cymbal bleed.

TOMINATOR is the latest in audio plugin technology. It combats unwanted sounds in your toms, snares, and other percussion elements using an internal automated low-pass filter. But rather than losing your attack and overtones like a traditional noise gate or expander would, TOMINATOR sweeps the audio spectrum, outputting the ideal drum sound. The best part? You control it all with the easy-to-use interface.

Pickup TOMINATOR today over at joeysturgistones.com and say “hasta la vista” to cymbal bleed.