Bassforge Hellraiser Adds Free 14-Day Trial, Digital EQ & Much More! | Version 1.1.1 Update

Bassforge Hellraiser, Joey Sturgis Tones’ flagship virtual bass rig, is launching a massive update today making more tones and functionality available to users than ever before. These updates come courtesy of our development team and incredible network of content creators and are available FREE to all existing Bassforge Hellraiser customers (see your inbox for our mail!).

To ensure these new features can be demoed by everyone; we’re also including free trial support for the first time ever!

New Digital EQ

In an effort to make Bassforge Hellraiser a one-stop shop for in-the-box bass tone, we’ve introduced an all-new digital EQ to the EQ section of Bassforge Hellraiser. This digital EQ sits just after the cabinet section in the plugin’s signal chain, pre the analog EQ.

With this new EQ, you’ll be able to make super fine adjustments with up to 24 bands of high pass, low pass, and peak filters, and high & low pass shelving filters.

Use the Digital EQ as its own EQ stage or pair it with the Analog EQ for even further frequency manipulation between the cabinet and dynamics processor.

Auto-Input Calibration

Another new update coming to the plugin is the auto-input calibration option, which analyzes the incoming signal and automatically calibrates the input level to hit the plugin at the optimal level. This new feature helps the Bassforge Hellraiser plugin sound its best while also avoiding clipping - something that’s essential to full, dynamic bass in your mixes.

Standalone & Live Mode

With the incredible feedback we’ve received about Standalone and Live Modes in more recent Toneforge releases, we’ve begun making these options available retroactively to other Toneforge and Bassforge plugins. Bassforge Hellraiser is the first Bassforge model to get this update, which gives you the ability to run your virtual bass rig without a DAW (Standalone) or as part of your live bass rig (Live Mode).

In Live Mode, bassists are able to program the plugin to react to different scenes throughout a live set or switch between tones on the fly with MIDI. MIDI support extends into both parameter control and preset switching, making all of the adjustments you might do in the box available with any controller that can output MIDI signals to your computer.

New Bassforge Hellraiser Presets

With Bassforge Hellraiser version 1.1.1, new and existing customers will have access to an expanded collection of presets designed by the JST Team and our network of content creators. These are available from an updated Preset Manager that helps keep everything organized as you work.

14-Day Free Trial

If you haven’t been able to check out Bassforge Hellraiser yet, we’re happy to announce that JST is now offering a fully functional, unlimited 14-day trial of Bassforge Hellraiser to anyone with an iLok Account. iLok Accounts are completely free.

For those with a hardware iLok (2 or 3) or use iLok Cloud, your 14-day license can live right alongside your other activated licenses in your existing setup.

For everyone else, setting up a free iLok Account is simple and easier than ever on No hardware or subscription required, and your Bassforge Hellraiser license can be deposited within minutes of account creation.

Trial customers will be able to use the plugin for a full 14-day trial period where they’ll be able to test out classic presets, try out new ones from the community, and create/save their own tones. After the trial has ended, simply upgrade to the full version to continue using those bass tones in all your sessions.

Additional Updates

In addition to the above updates, Bassforge Hellraiser has added an update to improve the navigation and sorting of impulse responses in the IR Loader section of the plugin. This improvement makes it easier to find your favorite impulse responses on the fly as you work.

To improve accessibility, we’ve added a Resize option to the plugin that allows you to toggle between Small, Medium & Large views of Bassforge Hellraiser. This is great for when you need to take finer control of parameters or want to keep the plugin open alongside others without taking up too much real estate on your screen.

Bassforge Hellraiser Version 1.1.1 also adds support for MacOS Big Sur (11.x) on Intel devices, with unofficial compatibility with Rosetta 2. The minimum operating system requirement for Version 1.1.1 on Mac is MacOS Yosemite (10.10). Expanded support for Apple Silicon (M1/ARM chips) will be announced with a future update. Windows users require Windows 7 or above.

Bassforge Hellraiser is supported on all major DAWs including Cubase, Reaper, Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton, Studio One & FL Studio as a 64-bit only plugin. For assistance, please contact our support team via the Contact Us page. Our support hours are Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 4 PM Eastern Time.

Ready to try Bassforge Hellraiser for free? Claim your 14-day free trial here!