Announcing Toneforge Guilty Pleasure

New Toneforge model coming November 1st!

We are excited to announce our newest up-coming Toneforge Model: Toneforge Guilty Pleasure. It is a unique collection of guitar pedals and cabinets with a newly designed amp intended to create ripping high-gain tones. The amp and effects work together in a way that’s almost impossible to get a bad sound out of the plugin. There is also a HUGE new feature we're saving just for launch day 😏.

Toneforge Guilty Pleasure will be available for purchase starting November 1st, 2016. Between now and then, anyone subscribed to the Joey Sturgis Tones mailing list will be automatically entered for a chance to win the very first copy completely free, no purchase necessary! Join here!

Today marks the three year anniversary of JST! 🎉 WOO! Happy Birthday JST! I want you all to know how much I truly appreciate each and everyone of you who has supported JST. Thank you!