Toneforge Update!

We have updated all Toneforge plugins to 1.1.0. We have some bug fixes along with efficiency improvements. If you are a Toneforge customer, we've emailed you instructions on how to get this update!

-Added Tuner to Menace
-Improved CPU Performance for Menace
-Fixed Crashing issues with Ben Bruce

Update: We are aware of the new Toneforge Menace bug that has cropped up in this update.

If you downloaded Toneforge Menace 1.1.0, we have changed our servers to roll back to 1.0.5, so if you're having issues with Toneforge Menace, log in to your account and download this version instead while we work on a fix. Once the fix is ready, we will email you with 1.1.1.

Thanks for your patience.