What You're Missing In Your Guitar Rig

Guitarists might suffer from gear-acquisition-syndrome (G.A.S. for short) more than anyone else in music industry. By our close proximity as producers and engineers, or perhaps as guitarists ourselves, we suffer from that G.A.S. nearly as bad.

It’s great when the two worlds collide and you can purchase something that’s going to benefit your work from preproduction, to recording, to the final mix. Here are some clues to the number one upgrade you can make to your guitar rig right now:

It’s EFFECTive

Effects are the quickest way to spice up a dull guitar sound. We’re talking everything from the basic overdrives & distortions to the time-based delays & reverbs – you name it.

But those are all separate pedals, right? If only there were a single purchase that could include them all…

Some Details Are MICroscopic

There are parts of the recording process that are small but effective. Microphone selection and placements can make or break your sound. Having options when recording guitars is key to dialing in the perfect tone on guitar.

Our biggest guitar rig upgrade will not only give you multiple microphones to choose from, but a way to accurately place them in a way that’s foolproof for getting good sound out of your guitar recordings.

We Get Really AMPed About It

Without an amp, our rig wouldn’t be complete. It’s the powerhouse of the entire rig, the place where you can dial in the perfect amount of presence, EQ & more (depending on the head).

But again – you want to have options here. You want something to be flexible enough to tweak for each session your working on for an ideal fit in the mix. And how much cooler would it be to go back and adjust after recording as well?

Think You Know Where I’m HEADing?

So for a lot of you, the answer might be glaringly obvious at this point. For others, you’re undoubtedly scratching your head trying to figure out what single purchase has professional quality:

  • Effects
  • Microphones
  • Amps & Heads

If you know anything about my productions, you should know that amp simulators play a HUGE role in my recordings. They’re flexible and accurate. They’ve got options galore and usually at a fraction of what all that hardware will cost you.

Take the new Toneforge Guilty Pleasure’s feature set:

  • A high-gain amp head
  • Overdrive, delay, reverb, and wah pedals.
  • Two Cabs
  • Four Microphones
  • The Ability to Load Your Own Impulse Responses
  • An EQ & Limiter for Post-Processing

It’s way more cost effective to pick up all of these features in a single amp simulator than it would be to piece it all out – especially for producers/engineers who might be trying to step up their guitar quality to match the rest of their production.

It’s quick, easy, and comes with virtually no learning curve.

Looking for the best way to get started? Check out the various Toneforge options available on the Joey Sturgis Tones store, load your favorite up in your DAW of choice, and start recording. It’s that simple.