The Pros & Cons of Working With Live Instruments In The Studio
When you’re working on a project, there are certain corners you can cut that make little to no difference to your final sound. Similarly, there are shortcuts that some engineers and producers take that can absolutely derail a song. Do you know where to draw the line between convenience and worthwhile effort?
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Why A Cabin Is A Great Space For A Recording Studio

You can’t change the way your instrument bounces off the walls going into the microphone; you can only simulate a similar result after the fact. For engineers and producers working in a cabin environment, this is just where the benefits of their studio start…

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The Beginner’s Guide to Guitar Post-Production
This post-production approach to guitar isn’t new – the virtuosos have been using it for decades. Some of the biggest names in the guitar realm know that the studio is just another tool to use for new sonic exploration, and that’s a big reason studio albums from the likes of Buckethead, Steve Vai & Joe Satriani have all kinds of techniques applied.
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