How To Create HUGE Rhythm Guitar Mixes

Everybody wants a bigger, wider guitar sound. The appeal of a huge guitar mix with the right combination of percussion and vocals is what makes many bands strive to replicate sounds of the past and the sounds of their peers. And if you’re here, you’re probably wondering how you can get a piece of that sound too.

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Embracing Weird Sounds As A Music Producer

Creatively, producers need to be able to adapt and innovate with their productions in the same way. Embrace the weird sounds you come across as you experiment. Find the right fit and you’ll not only discover a completely new sound, but possibly pioneer a new genre altogether.

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Making Your Bass Guitar GROWL!

Growl is a combination of some low-end grit, a bit of overdrive, and even a little top-end sheen to help it cut through. It’s a common tone for rock and metal, but one that’s hard to dial in just right.

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