Mixing Harder Drum Loops In Reason

One thing I’ve also heard a lot from Reason users is that they’d love to get harder, punchier drums in their mixes. They want thicker kicks and crispier snares than the default sounds they’re getting from their virtual instruments. Don’t we all sometimes?

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JST Producer Spotlight: Billy Decker
If you’ve heard any Top 40 country music in the past couple of years, there’s a good chance you’ve heard a song producer by Billy Decker. Straight out of Nashville, Tennessee, Billy is one of the most in-demand producers for...
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The Beginner’s Guide to Slip Editing Drums
So you want to master the art of drum editing, huh? Whether you’re a complete beginner to drum editing and mixing or you’re someone that’s been doing it for a while and looking for new techniques to improve your workflow, knowing how to slip edit drums is an essential skill that I recommend learning.
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