How To Turn Your Master Fader Into A Gold Record
As mixers and engineers, we get paid to sweat the small stuff. We listen for minute details in a recording that might not be immediately apparent to a listener, or even the musician playing their instrument. We strive to make everything polished and professional, from the clarity of the mix to the pocketing of our instruments. But if you’re not paying attention to your master fader, that just might be where it’s all falling apart.
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Impulse Responses: Your Quick Start Guide
Looking to unlock your in-the-box guitar tones by adding impulse responses (IRs), but not really sure where to get started? Fear no more! This guide will serve as your step-by-step tutorial on loading IRs into your session and how you can find the perfect IR for your song.
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How To Bake Keys & Synths
Welcome to the first edition of “Cooking with JST”! Today, we’ve got a recipe for success through some full frequency baked goods for your next studio mix.
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