Don’t Wait - NOW Is The Time To Open Your Home Studio Business

If you’ve got a home recording studio, there’s a good chance you’ve already spent a lot of time and money investing in your equipment and your recording/mixing skills. Whether you’re a musician who wanted to learn to record and mix your own music or you’re a producer or engineer that got sick of renting out expensive studio space, your home studio is a creative workspace you can call your own.

But as much as this space enables you to work on your own projects, it’s not really doing much to propel your career forward if you’re not able to use it to generate some income. This can come in the form of selling your own music, but if you’re looking to start making money from others with your studio space, now is the perfect time to start.

Here’s why…

Home Studios Have Never Been More Affordable

Do you realize how expensive it was to own and operate a studio even just 10 years ago? Engineers and mixers used to put thousands of dollars into converters, preamps, monitoring, microphones, cabling… the list just keeps going.

Today, the price of high-quality recording technology continues to drop. Brand new multi-channel audio interfaces now cost as little as entry-level microphones. Microphones that cost thousands of dollars can now be emulated for a fraction of the price.

Every manufacturer of music equipment wants to reach this budget-conscious market, and they’re bending over backwards to make products that home studios can afford.

As a result, things like latency barely exist – they’ve gotten it to such a short round trip that its impact on your recording is nearly zero. Quality now depends more on your environment than the gear you’re using, and that’s an extremely exciting prospect.

People Need Mixers Who Know What They’re Doing

As a result, more people are getting into home recording – but don’t interpret that to mean you’re facing more competition.

Even with an increase in accessibility, all of these home recording enthusiasts want somebody on their team who really knows what they’re doing. They want knowledgeable people working on their projects, and that’s where your home studio business begins.

It’s one thing to have a friend or sales rep tell you the gear you need to record your own music, podcast, or voiceovers, but as anyone who’s edited or mixed raw track knows, it’s something completely different to make those recordings sound good. It can take a lot of patience and there’s a bigger learning curve to it than simply hitting record.

As someone who’s put in the time and effort learning those skills – you’re more qualified and better equipped to handle those projects than those who’ve just started recording themselves.

Virtual/Remote Work Is On The Rise

Another reason that right now is the perfect time to start your home studio business has to do with the way people perceive remote work. We’re seeing huge companies realizing that their staff can operate from home with ease. Why shouldn’t the same be said for studio work?

I think what we’ll see over the next few years are editing and mixing projects getting outsourced to mixers who have their own setups and a portfolio to back it up. Major labels are just like any other business – they’ve got budgets to stick to and eliminating expensive studio overhead by working with a remote mixer is definitely appealing, especially if you can show that you’ve gotten great-sounding results before.

Couple all of this with artists that are suddenly finding themselves with more material than ever without being able to tour and your independent mixing opportunities are on the rise as well. There’s never been a higher demand for your services than there is right now.

Your Portfolio Is Constantly Growing & Improving

Remember that each new project is a chance to take your work to the next level. If you’re still early in your career, it’s okay not to have an extensive catalog as long as the work you do have showcases the best of what you can offer. The key is a focus on constant growth and improvement as you go.

And don’t worry about thinking you need another piece of gear or another mix under your belt before you can start pitching your services to others – you just need to get started. 

So get out there, network with your online community, and find out where your sound fits in the ever-growing music industry!