🤓 Becoming a Mixing Master

What is it exactly that separates a world-class mix from a regular mix? When I started mixing, I would listen to the top mixes in the industry and was just blown away. It seemed like what I was hearing was magic. What I discovered over 10 years of trial and error is that it's all about the details.

Join me in my Mixing Master course to discover just what I learned and I'll show you three different "methods of mixing" for conquering your next mix - Replacement Mixing, Production Mixing, and Creative Mixing. I'll also talk about how to become the all important "musical translator" required to stay competitive and will empower you to become an unstoppable mixing engineer in the ever-changing music industry. Here's a free excerpt from the course:

This course features 27 downloadable HD videos including a BONUS Cubase Tips and Tricks video with my never-before-seen GOLDEN NUGGETS that I use in the DAW. This is over 10 hours of superb mixing knowledge, click here to learn more! Below is a basic outline of the course:

Mixing Master Course Outline

What is Mixing?

  1. Mixing Fundamentals
  2. What is EQ?
  3. Saturation
  4. Tonal Balance and Frequency Response
  5. Volume Balance
  6. Dynamics Basics
  7. Limiters
  8. Spatial Balance
  9. Delay, Echo and Reverb
  10. Recap and Order of Inserts

Replacement Mixing

  1. Replacement Mixing - Kick
  2. Replacement Mixing - Snare
  3. Replacement Mixing - Kick and Snare
  4. Replacement Mixing - Toms and Cymbals
  5. Replacement Mixing - Guitars and Bass
  6. Replacement Mixing - Mastering Chain

Creative Mixing

  1. Creative Mixing - Vocals

Production Mixing

  1. Production Mixing - Prep and Drums
  2. Production Mixing - Guitars
  3. Production Mixing - Bass
  4. Production Mixing - Vocals

Final Segment

  1. Translating Artist Notes
  2. Question and Answers

If you've been trying to get better at mixing, this course will be the one to move the needle. You'll not just learn how to mix, but how to make your own mixing decisions which will enable you to develop your own style of mixing rather than just copying mine. Just take a look at what some of these students who took the course had to say!