Panning Your Tracks When Mixing

Panning is an often overlooked tool that can be used in many ways. Whether your track is straight forward or artistic, you're going to be using panning to make the mix more clear, defined, and creative. We also talk about a very very important setting you do NOT want to miss in your DAW that can actually change the way volume and panning adjustments behave (hint: and it could be the reason your kicks and snares and other mono instruments aren't as punchy as they should be!) Join the JST Forum: Learn how to mix: Get URM Enhanced: Become a wizard of audio production: Schedule your mix crit with Joey: Tags:how you should pan your tracks when mixing,panning,how to pan your tracks,lcr panning,panning for wide mixes,stereo image,how to mix,mixing tutorials,home recording,home studio,joey sturgis tones,joey sturgis #homerecording #audioproduction #mixingtutorials