Did analog recording DIE with grunge?

What do you think about the old ways of recording grunge? Are they still just as valid today as they were in the 90's? How do you feel about the modern production approach to peak grunge artists such as Alice in Chains on their new albums? Are we still creating music that will stand the test of time? Write in the comments below your thoughts and let's talk about it! Join the JST Forum: https://www.facebook.com/groups/joeysturgisforum Learn how to mix: https://nailthemix.com Get URM Enhanced: https://nailthemix.com/upgrade Become a wizard of audio production: https://joeysturgistones.vip/join Schedule your mix crit with Joey: https://joeysturgistones.vip/mixcrit Tags:grunge music,grunge,lofi recordings,mixing grunge,metalcore,djent,pearl jam,alice in chains,stone temple pilots,hard rock,psychodelic rock,title fight,citizen band,recording grunge music,mixing grunge,steve albini,nirvana,in utero,analog recording,recording studio,grunge genre,digital audio engineers,garage rock,grunge vocals,gain reduction,gain reduction 2,joey sturgis tones,joey sturgis,audio plugins,home recording,audio production,audio mixing,music production,music mixing,vst plugins,candlebox,multi-genre,the perfect guitar tone,recording and mixing,toneforge bootcamp,toneforge,virtual signal chain #grungemusic #grungerock #grunge