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Transify is a plugin for manipulating the dynamics of your mix. It allows for total creative control of the sustain and transients of your sound! Transify will soon be your most useful mixing tool, allowing you to transform your dynamic sounds to a whole new level. Create tighter low-end or raise the crack of your snare even in a dense mix with just a few knob tweaks. Try Transify in your favorite mixes and hear the difference.

Get total creative control over the transients in your production today!


  • Four frequency band ranges available for independent transient processing
  • Built-in per-band clip circuit for creating aggressive sounds and preventing peak overages
  • Adjust the frequency band ranges for your material using the individual cut-off controls
  • Input and Output controls for getting your signal to match levels and optimize gain staging


  • Audio Plugin (single user license)
  • Manual


  • A computer with Intel or AMD compatible processor, Windows or Mac OSX operating system, and a compatible DAW installed (check which plugin formats your DAW supports). This plugin does NOT operate as a standalone!


  • Windows (32 & 64 bit): VST2, VST3, AAX, RTAS
  • Mac OSX (32 & 64 bit): VST2, VST3, AU, AAX, RTAS
  • Note: The RTAS specification does not provide 64 bit support.


Copyright © 2015 Joey Sturgis Tones. All rights reserved.
VST and VST3 are trademarks of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.
Mac OSX and Audio Unit are trademarks of Apple, Inc.
RTAS and AAX are trademarks of Avid, Inc.
Windows is a trademark of Microsoft, Inc.

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No recurring fees. Buy once and the plugin is yours forever. No hidden charges, no annual renewals. Just pure, uninterrupted creativity backed by a lifetime of software updates.

Affordable Excellence

Top-tier sound shouldn’t break the bank. With JST, you receive premium quality without the premium price tag. And for those looking for even greater value? Dive into our specially curated bundles and amplify your savings alongside your sound.

Low Latency & CPU Friendly

JST plugins are engineered to be light on your system, ensuring smooth playback and recording sessions. With JST, elevate your sound without compromising your computer's performance.


JST was founded by music producer Joey Sturgis. He has also co-founded URM Academy, Drumforge, Riffhard and has contributed massively to music creators all over the world.

  • 5x RIAA Gold Certified Records
  • 100+ Albums Produced
  • 50+ Plugins Designed
  • 8+ Million Album Sales
  • 2+ Billion Global Streams

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Plugin A-list Necessity

I always have my eye out for new (useful!!) plugin tools and Transify fits the bill!
Best newer tool I've come across in a while and immediately placed in my plugin menu "Favorites" list.
For guitar/bass cleanup/focusing, my new string-prep trinity is Transify/Pitch correction/Clipper giving me a strong, clean, articulate instrument track in the mix before any other processing takes place.
What does it do? Transify heightens the definition of a picked note (no matter how fast!) without any additional alteration to the signal. While there are no presets included, within a few minutes you'll hone a setting that works across the board for you. As I'm writing this I'm wondering about experimenting with Transify's possible application on articulating hi-hats and rides?

Al Jacob
Bring out that snare Ring!!

This was exactly what i was looking for to bring out the Ring in the snare. Instead of compressing the life out of it and losing attack, slap this bad boy on there. Ring for days.

Julio Giner

One of the best plugings i used

Nico Hamui
Best transient enhancer on the market!

Easily ranks in at the top of my list of transient designers! The multi-band function is extremely useful for dialing and adding transients to my snare with precision, its actually an integral part of my snare sound! Its extremely flexible and capable of powerful volume impacts right where you want to focus them. Add some body to the snare without affecting the rest of the sound, or take some shrill-ness off the top of the snare without messing with the punch, or open-ness of the top. Transify really allows me to perfectly dial in the exact sound I'm looking for on each of my drums! Great on the Drum Bus as well and a Pro Tip: its amazing on vocals to help with annunciation. Hats off to the JST team!


Bought this for tightening and getting more clarity to my drum tracks. Does that perfectly.