Howard Benson Vocals Bundle

Howard Benson Vocals Bundle

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Get Howard Benson's Award-Winning Vocal Chain!

Joey Sturgis Tones announce an all-new vocal mixing plugin, Howard Benson Vocals, the signature vocal chain of legendary producer Howard Benson.

Altogether, Benson has contributed to more than 100 million album sales and more than 20 billion streams over the course of his career. This work has garnered him multiple awards and nominations, including a nomination for Producer of the Year in both 2007 and 2008.

...These are just a few of the many bands Howard has worked with over the years...
3 Doors Down - 10 Years - Adam Lambert - All That Remains - Apocalyptica - Black Stone Cherry - Blessthefall - Chris Cornell - Cold - Creed - Daughtry - Escape The Fate - Gavin DeGraw - Halestorm - Hawthorne Heights - Head Automatica - Hoobastank - In Flames - Issues - Kelly Clarkson - Less Than Jake - Lia Marie Johnson - Motörhead - My Chemical Romance - Of Mice & Men - Orianthi - Otep - P.O.D. - Palisades - Papa Roach - Puddle of Mudd - Rascal Flatts - Red - Relient K - Saliva - Santana - Saosin - Seether - Sepultura - Simple Plan - Skillet - Skindred - The All-American Rejects - The Maine - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - The Starting Line - Theory of a Deadman - Third Day - Three Days Grace

Start adding the elite modern vocal chain to your mixes!

As you can tell, Howard Benson doesn’t just stick to a single genre – his work can be heard all over the charts. His dynamic approach to vocal production has led to huge major label success and for the first time ever, his award winning vocal mixing formula is available in one powerful audio plugin.

With Howard Benson Vocals, we’ve meticulously modeled every aspect of Howard’s vocal chain with direct input from Howard and his team every step of the way. Working to capture the essence of both hardware and software processing, we ended up with seven distinct signal chain elements that work together to form the core of his vocal sound.

So much of Howard’s sound comes from the dynamic front-end of the chain in the form of compression and EQ. Depending on the vocal styling, you can keep things clean and controlled or warm them up with tube saturation & grit controls. His semi-parametric EQ gives you the ability to paint in wide strokes sonically before passing through to the spatial section.

Spatially, Howard Benson Vocals includes both a multiplier and a spatial widener for three-dimensional control. Double your vocal for lush harmonic density and adjust the width of your vocal to dictate presence in the mix.

Finally, no vocal production would be complete without time-based effects. Using the Echo and Space modules in the plugin, producers can dial in the space around their voice for complete continuity with the mix. Finish everything off through a final output stage (limiter included) and you’ve got all the ingredients of a professional vocal mixing chain.

Sweet Saturation

Start off in the sweet spot with a compressor geared up for great vocals! This compressor comes packed with Grit and Tube Warmth - sure to add some heat, sweetness, and saturation to any voice.

  • Set the optimal input level with an easy to find Sweet Spot
  • Start compressing instantly with the Comp knob using the standard algo or the slower, smoother “Opto Mode”
  • Push your vocals harder post-compression with the Gain knob or take out the guesswork with Auto Make-Up gain
  • Easily de-ess vocals with the De-Esser knob
  • Colorize your sound with some Grit and/or Tube Warmth for a dirtier, denser tone

Creative Equalization

With the semi-parametric, 3-band EQ, paint a picture of how your vocals should sound. Use wide strokes with bell curves for big, dramatic vocals or keep your brush strokes narrow for finer, detailed control. Whatever you choose, this EQ's musicality is sure to resonate with your vocalist.

  • Set your ideal signal chain order with Pre-Comp or Post-Comp EQ
  • Roll off the lows with a built-in Hi-Pass Filter or get even grittier with a LoFi algorithm
  • Use your high and low frequencies to shape the sound of your vocal
  • Widen or narrow your palate with Bell curves
  • Perfect your vocal mid-range with a fully adjustable Q

Hearing Double

Multiply your results with half as much effort. Achieve a luscious, doubled vocal when you're without a double track.

  • Use the Amount knob to determine just how much of that doubled vocal to cut through
  • Set the Offset knob to add some variety and complexity to your sound
  • Remember - nobody expects a perfectly doubled vocal. It's those slight variations that make it all work!

Thicker Vocals

As much as harmonic density adds to the thickness of your vocal, you also need to consider how much of your vocal's presence comes from how wide it sounds. The Width module lets you spread your vocals out wide without thinning them out.

  • Width sets exactly how wide you'd like your vocals to be
  • The Range knob helps determine which part of the frequency spectrum the effect acts on.
  • You can anchor the body of your vocal front and center with the Mono Low-End switch and expand your vocal's spatial presence from there!

Expressive Echoes

Tempo-synced or Milliseconds? Mono or Stereo? How many repeats? With this vocal-centric echo unit, your delays can dance around your vocals in any manner you'd like.

  • Set the number of repeats and level of your echo simultaneously with the Amount knob
  • Keep those repearts right down the center or let them bounce around in stereo
  • See your exact delay times (in ms or tempo-based measurements) with the digital readout
  • Add some character to your sound with LoFi delays
  • Fully automatable for the ultimate vocal delay throws

Beyond The Booth

Now things are starting to take shape... But what shape will your vocals be in? With the Space control, you decide between intimate, upfront vocals or larger than life reverb.

  • Use lower Size settings for intimate, tight & focused vocals
  • Turn it up high for ballads & arena rock anthems when your singer is really belting out those notes!
  • Amount provides a convenient way to go from fully dry to fully wet and everything in between without having to jump back and forth between plugins

High Voltage

All good things must come to an end, but by the time you're done, you'll have a high octane vocal ready for release.

  • Use the optional Limit circuit to catch any stray peaks as your vocals pass onto the next part of their path
  • Start how you began with Output Gain
  • Easily find that Sweet Spot once more - post-processed & ready for action!
  • Change your signal path's routing with a Pre FX switch for when you want to set levels before the effects in the chain

What You'll Get

  • Single-User Perpetual Software License (3 activations)
  • Audio Plugin in AAX, AU, & VST3 formats
  • Over 99+ presets created by producers and engineers featuring Howard Benson, Mike Plotnikoff, Joe Rickard, Hatch Inagaki, Joel Wanasek, Joey Sturgis, Collaborators, members of the JST Community and more
  • Vocal production insights video with Howard Benson and Mike Plotnikoff*
  • Vocal mixing video tutorial with Howard Benson*
  • Vocal mixing video tutorial with Joey Sturgis*
  • Complete how-to video manual explaining all functionality of the plugin
  • Plugin User Manual

* Videos are accessed via the JST VIP Members’ Portal. Membership is not required.


  • Mac or Windows computer with supported OS and supported DAW (see below).
  • FREE iLok Account (iLok dongle NOT required - Computer, iLok 2/3, iLok Cloud activation supported).

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 7+ (64-bit only): AAX, VST3
  • macOS 10.14+ (Intel or M-Series, 64-bit only): AAX, AU, VST3

Supported DAWs

  • Cubase
  • Reaper
  • Pro Tools
  • Studio One
  • Ableton
  • Logic Pro
  • GarageBand
  • FL Studio
  • Cakewalk
  • Etc


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JST was founded by music producer Joey Sturgis. He has also co-founded URM Academy, Drumforge, Riffhard and has contributed massively to music creators all over the world.

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  • 8+ Million Album Sales
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Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews


Paul Hollowell

I use it in everything I create.

Levi Fuselier
Works great

My vocals stand out in the mix

jeffrey sturms
Great Workflow

I purchased the Howard Benson Vocal last week and it has definitely changed my vocal workflow. It is so easy to get a great vocal track in just a few minutes. What a wonderful tool.

Frank Wirt
Howard Benson Vocals

I really love this plugin! It's easy to use and it produces great results.
It does need an A/B selection and more control on the HP filter, though.