The Black Snare - One-Shot Drum Sample

The Black Snare - One-Shot Drum Sample

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The Black Snare is a one-shot snare sample as heard on Asking Alexandria's fourth studio album, The Black, released on Sumerian Records.

The Black was produced, mixed, and mastered by Joey Sturgis and features songs like "I Won't Give In", "Undivided", "The Black", "Let It Sleep", and "Here I Am". It peaked at #1 on the Billboard US Top Rock Albums chart and #9 on the US Billboard 200.

Achieve the same, pulverizing drum sounds to your sessions by adding this snare the mix. It works great layered in with your existing snare for a powerful punch or as a replacement for thin, weak snare drum recordings.


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What's a One-Shot Sample?

A one-shot sample is a short audio recording of a single drum hit or sound, typically lasting for a very brief duration. One-shot drum samples are most commonly used to supplement live-tracked drums (a process called layering) for added clarity and punch. They can also be used with sample replacement tools to replace drum hits in live-recorded drums.

While one-shot drum samples can be used for programming drum parts, it's usually recommended to use full sample packs that contain alternate hits and various velocities for more realistic sounding results than one-shot samples can provide on their own.


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JST was founded by music producer Joey Sturgis. He has also co-founded URM Academy, Drumforge, Riffhard and has contributed massively to music creators all over the world.

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Customer Reviews

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Joshua Moore
Was hoping for more

It's most likely my fault for thinking this snare was bigger of a sound. Just didn't have bawls

I like

I like

Mike Abiuso
Great Snare Sample!

I gang, I was just trying to get inspired in the drum realm when mixing a new track by Sarah and the Safe Word, so I popped over to your site, grabbed a one-shot, blended it in there and was on my way. Works/sounds great, thank you!

This is the exact snare!

This is the exact snare used on the album. It is by far one of my favorite snare samples and I use it on many of my mixes to give the snare that extra character. I have yet to put this on a kit and not ha e the results be fantastic.