Howard Benson Vocal Multiplier v1.0.2 Now Available
Howard Benson Vocal Multiplier v1.0.2 is now available; providing optimizations and improvements. See below for details... What's New? Improvements: Improved Low Oct performance by ~40% Optimized XY Pad animation Added option to disable XY Pad animation Updated manual Yet to try...
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Howard Benson Vocals v1.0.4 Now Available
Howard Benson Vocals v1.0.4 update is now available. See below for what's new... What's New? New Features Added an 'Opto' Compression Mode to the Vocals Module (inspired by Howard's favorite vocal compressor). Added 'Ducking' for Echo and Space modules (screw...
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Howard Benson Vocal Multiplier
NOW AVAILABLE ! Howard Benson Vocal Multiplier is an audio multiplier & post processing plugin created by Joey Sturgis Tones; in collaboration with Grammy nominated and multi-platinum selling producer Howard Benson.Howard Benson Vocal Multiplier finally gives you an all-in-one tool that...
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