✅ New Howard Benson Vocals v1.0.2 Update

JST update Howard Benson Vocals to version 1.0.2, including a noted fix for lowered security requirements forced by Apple for DAWs (namely GarageBand) with macOS Big Sur.

Check your inbox for the download, or purchase your copy today. If you did not get an email, contact support@joeysturgistones.com.


▪ [General] Fixed iLok fatal error message with GarageBand.

▪ [General] PACE Eden 5.3.2 update.

[New Features]
▪ N/A

[Known Issues]
▪ [Space] Variable buffer size support (FL Studio and other supporting DAWs).


▫️Supported Windows or MacOSX Operating System
▫️Compatible DAW supporting AAX, AU, VST2, or VST3 plugin formats
▫️FREE iLok Account, iLok dongle NOT required

OS Compatibility

▫️Win 7+ 32/64-bit
▫️MacOS 10.10 - 11.X. Big Sur unofficial support (Intel only). Native Apple Silicon M1 chip not supported (Rosetta 2 supported unqualified).
▫️Important Note for Mac: macOS Big Sur (11.x, 64-bit only) - unofficial/untested compatibility under Rosetta 2. M1 chips (ARM) for new Mac models are not supported at this time, our development team shall be working to support the architecture for future update(s)