JST Maximizer v1.0.3 Update - Now Available

What's New?

New Features:

  • Added a Mono Output button.

    Toggle between stereo and mono output without ever leaving the plugin! Quickly check how your audio sounds when summed to mono to ensure your mixes translate on smaller devices and single-speaker playback systems.


  • Fixed clipping issues for non-clipper modes (added “Use Improved Engine” option).

    "Limiters" and "Maximizers" modes are affected by this change.
  • Fixed Mix phase issues.

    Just the "Limiters - Weight Limiter" mode is affected by this change.
  • Fixed Tone default state.

    There was a little boost (less than 1 dB) for both shelves at 0%. This effect was very subtle but noted and fixed for this update.

Additional Fixes (Rev 1, June 9th, 2023):

  • Fixed a mix phase issue for "Limiters" - 3-Band and 4-Band modes.


  • Replaced “Use blue theme” text in menu with “Use Blue Theme”.

  • Updated manual.

  • Signed Windows installer.

Important Notes:

The fixes employed in this update will marginally change the sound of your mixes in regard to phase coherency and the updated Tone state. If you wish to keep your past sessions as is, we'd advise keeping a copy of the prior version 1.0.2 available to install for recalls.

Regarding clipping issues fixed for non-clipper modes; the default state is off.

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