Tightening Kicks with Transify
For a lot of us, there are certain elements of a mix that we always find ourselves fixing, especially when the tracks are coming from other engineers. For some of us, one of the most common problems is an overabundance of low end in kick drums.
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Don’t Use Another Gate Until You’ve Read This!

Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with your gate plugin – you’re just doing yourself, your mixes, and your clients a disservice by using it.

Why? Because one of the most common uses for gates is the removal of cymbal bleed from your live drum tracks (specifically toms).
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Amp Sims vs Real Amps
Amp Sims have been on the rise for the past decade, with more and more guitarists, bedroom producers & even pros jumping on board. With so much emphasis put on realistic tones and the cost of getting into recording, which one’s coming out on top in the digital age.
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