The 3 Most Difficult Genres To Record & Mix

The genres I want to talk about today have value in being some of the most difficult to work with while having a huge mainstream appeal. We won’t get into any kind of subgenre nonsense that’s difficult because you’ve never heard of it.

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Getting The Most Out of Your Kick Drum
Your kick and snare are two of the most integral parts of any mix. Together, these two percussive instruments drive the entire song forward and act as a foundational base for the rest of the song to build off of.
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Do Your Drum Shells Get Enough Attention?
Every engineer wants a massive, hard-hitting drum tone with powerful attack that cuts through the mix. What a lot of them don’t realize is that great drums come from the shells themselves just as much as the heads that are on them. While micing the bottoms of every tom still gets used by some engineers, the vast majority find their balance with a top mic alone with great placement.
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