📡 Toneforge Jason Richardson Update

We’re introducing a quick fix for a handful of issues for all current Toneforge Jason Richardson users. We want to get the plugin working for some of the unique cases as quickly as possible and so we’ve fixed a lot of show-stoppers for those users. This version does not have a version number increase so it will become the official v1.0.0 henceforth. If you have any issues to report, you will be asked to update to this version first before issuing a direct bug report. In the future, we will make sure to handle these scenarios with more tact - and we appreciate your patience while we handle everyone’s use-cases in the meantime!

If you are currently using Toneforge Jason Richardson - please note that updating to this version could adjust the sound output of the plugin and thus change the sound of your current project. We do our best to avoid this whenever possible, but sometimes it is not possible! If your current use of the plugin has been great - there is no need to update.

Check your inbox for the download!

General changes that do not affect sound:
* Various reverb crashes
* No sound output on some machines
* Tuner graphical accuracy improved
* Tuner affecting volume when switching between Amp and Tuner view - fixed
* Clean amp LED calibration offset - fixed
* Reverb controls no longer pop or click
* Tuner and Manual button missing from cab page - fixed
* Minor manual edits

Changes that could affect sound:
* IR Volume smoothed
* Clean channel internal volume was changed
* Adjustments to reverb output could cause compression character to be different

Changes that could affect automation:
* Minor parameter list changes which could invalidate automation data

Known issues:
* Ratio switch changes volume erroneously
* Tooltip display for LOFI Amount and Distortion positioned behind the knob to its right
* Reverb FX - Size knob can cause audio pops/glitches as moved to 77/78 value and when set and clicked with the mouse