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Just short of a decade ago, learning and honing your craft at anything potentially took years of trial and error. Information could be found on the Internet, of course, but would it always be reliable? Would it always be accurate? You simply didn't know. Audio Production in particular was a sort of 'black magic' for up and comers, who would often gather in forums to hash out techniques and ideas.

I teamed up with CreativeLive to eliminate the mystery of my modern production process and made available online as a home study course. They've got other great courses too. Want to learn music theory or a new recording software (DAW)? CreativeLive has you covered. The possibilities are endless, the hours you will save are countless.

Use code VIPJoSturgis at checkout and save 50% on all audio courses from CreativeLive, like my Studio Pass where I walk you through producing an entire song from beginning to end.

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Use code VIPJoSturgis at checkout