Bus Glue Billy Decker v1.0.1 Update


Billy Decker Bus Glue Series - Change Log
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March 15th, 2019
Version: 1.0.1

The latest addition to the Bus Glue family introduces 7 all new plugins from the creative minds of JST and chart-topping mixer Billy Decker. For the first time ever, these plugins offer up Decker’s entire dynamic signal chain for any track in your mix - EQ, Compression, Limiting, and all. Unlock the tried-and-true secrets of a modern country master. Deckerate your mixes in no time!


- Windows 7+ / macOS 10.8.5+ (Yosemite or higher recommended as qualified internally).
- VST2, VST3, AU, AAX 32/64-bit.
- Protected by iLok (gen 2 or above key, or computer activation support).
- iLok Cloud not supported.



▪ N/A


▪ [General] - PACE Eden v5.0.1 update

[New Features]

▪ [Pro Tools] - Automation menu shortcut

* macOS: Ctrl + Option + Command - Click
* Windows: Ctrl + Start + Alt - Click

▪ [Pro Tools] - Knob default value (Option + Click)

[Known Issues]

▪ N/A

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