Have You Found The Secret Room In This Plugin?

You ever look at a trailer or van and think, “there’s no way all of our gear is fitting in there”? Then, as if by magic, you can’t even fill half the space with all the hidden room you found inside?

Whether you have or not, I bet you never thought you’d have that experience with a plugin.

Prepare to have your mind blown, because what I’m about to let you in on is a little known secret that will quite literally expand the tonal options available to you and every other Toneforge user that knows about this trick.

Where are we hiding these features?

We’re going to discuss the secret room in Toneforge Jason Richardson today, but if you’re not using this version of Toneforge – fear not: we’ve hidden similar rooms in other Toneforge models too.

There’s a good chance I’ll keep hiding them in future plugins as well, to the extent it makes as much sense as it did when building these plugins.

Why don't we advertise these rooms?

If we advertised every little feature our plugins had, we’d be here all day. Burger King doesn’t run around talking about how awesome their ketchup is, why would we do something like that with our virtual amps?

Don’t get me wrong, the secret rooms are awesome, and they’re hidden in plain sight. It’s not like we’re intentionally withholding these features from our users, they’re just not something that gets used as much as they deserve to be.

But for our die-hard users that have tested every nook and cranny of Toneforge, we decided it’s about time to let you in on the secret (if you haven’t already found it).

Fluff's Fake Room

The secret room in Toneforge is completely source-independent, meaning you can get just as much use out of it on an acoustic guitar or cymbals as you can an electric guitar.

It’s a bit of a cross between a producer’s trick & a hidden feature, but Fluff does a great job navigating those waters for you in his video demonstration:

Experimenting With Sounds

Are you using other plugins for purposes outside of the norm? While we may have designed the Reverbs in our Toneforge plugins to work seamlessly with the amps and other effects included in each bundle, their standalone capabilities are surprisingly effective (at least they were when we first heard them used this way).

There are no rulebooks that say a stompbox can’t be used on instruments other than guitars, and some of the coolest effects can come from these types of experiments.

Experiment with your sound as you see fit, and if you’ve got any thought that trying a new technique might help you achieve the sound you’re after GIVE IT A TRY!

We’re all chasing after the unique sound we can call our own, and if that means running an acoustic guitar through a reverb pedal to get the right room sound around it, so be it.

Life’s too short to pass on creativity when inspiration strikes.

How else are you using Toneforge?

Have you found any additional uses for Toneforge that we should know about? What about our other plugins?

If you’re doing something unique with any of our plugins, share it with us over on the Joey Sturgis Tones Forum.