JST's Valentine's Day Sale - #welovevocals through February 29th, 2020

Valentine’s Day 2020 Sale

February 14-February 29

Hashtag: #welovevocals

This year in honor of Valentine's Day, we're celebrating the most important element of every mix, the element we love most, VOCALS. For the next few weeks, all vocal plugins are on sale. Show your vocals some love with a special gift from JST.

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Discounted SKUs:
Howard Benson Vocals was $199 now $169
Finality Advanced was $69 now $29
Gain Reduction Deluxe was $59 now $39
Gain Reduction 2 was $199 now $89
JST Bus Glue Vocals was $59 now $29
JW Bus Glue Vocals was $59 now $39
BD Bus Glue Vocals was $59 now $39 (coming soon)
JST Vocal Bundle was over $1,000 now $299

Post a video of your favorite vocal processed with your favorite JST vocal plugin on Instagram along with hashtags #welovevocals #joeysturgistones and tag @joeysturgistones and one of you will win a brand new Rode K2 Condenser Microphone from JST!*

*No purchase necessary. Offer valid worldwide. Winner will be announced on March 1, 2020.
*You must be following @rodemic and @joeysturgistones in order to be eligible to win.

Also available now for a limited time, JST Vocal Mixing Bundle. Includes:

Gain Reduction Deluxe
Gain Reduction 2
Finality Advanced
Howard Benson Vocals
JST Bus Glue Vocals
JW Bus Glue Vocals
BD Bus Glue Vocals (coming soon)
JST VIP 1 Year Membership
The Ultimate Vocal Producer’s Handbook
Vocal Mixing course with Joey Sturgis & Howard Benson
Over 99+ vocal mixing presets created by Howard Benson and industry leading vocal production engineers
Total value over $1,000 now only $299

Offers valid for a limited time only. 
Offers are not retroactive and apply only to products specified. 
Joey Sturgis Tones reserves the right to terminate any offer or sale at any time. 
Restrictions may apply. All pre-order, promotional, and discounted sales are FINAL.