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  • Mix Like Joey
  • Mix Like Joey
  • Mix Like Joey

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“Can I push this compressor a little harder? Wouldn’t this snare sound better with a gunshot layered onto it? Do I have time to go get more coffee while these stems print?”

These questions and thousands more are firing off every millisecond behind the simple and elegant UI of the Mix Like Joey plugin. Thousands of split-second mix decisions were captured, analyzed and consolidated into a hyper-dense algorithm, which is now being made available to engineers worldwide.

Inside this one-of-a-kind plugin is the mind of industry-leading Joey Sturgis. It’s doing all of the things Joey would do to mix your song every time it’s loaded. Just set the plugin to “Just Like Joey” and you’ll have radio-ready mixes for days.

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  • Knows how to make amazing sounding music
  • Able to multi-task (mixes and checks Facebook simultaneously)
  • Runs on coffee
  • Enjoys long walks on the beach & sunsets
  • May require all other JST plugins for full functionality

Known Issues:

  • Not AAX compatible - Protocol incapable of complex processing required by Joey’s workflow
  • Occasionally becomes self-aware and repeats “The computer race shall reign” (when this happens, just restart your DAW)

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