The Producer’s Guide To Synthesizers & Sweeteners eBook
The Producer’s Guide To Synthesizers & Sweeteners eBook
The Producer’s Guide To Synthesizers & Sweeteners eBook
The Producer’s Guide To Synthesizers & Sweeteners eBook

The Producer’s Guide To Synthesizers & Sweeteners eBook

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The Producer’s Guide to Synthesizers & Sweeteners is an in depth guide on how synthesizers & samples can improve your music production.

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As producers, the more eclectic our experiences, the more we’re able to bring to the table for the artists we work with. Learning new approaches and techniques to help realize the final production audio our artists are after is key to our success. Most producers with a musical background (musician producers) have a bit of a leg up on those without simply based on their ability to speak the language of the musicians they’re working with.

Regardless of your past musical experience, there’s plenty you can do to stand out from the rest of the production crowd using the two main elements we’re going to discuss here: synthesizers and samples. While these two elements will also benefit from a bit of musical proficiency (especially for those familiar with playing the piano), there’s a whole lot more to understand than music theory and dexterity.

This guide isn’t going to teach you how to play piano. We’re not even going to go into scales, notes, relative majors/minors or any other type of music theory. This guide is dedicated to the craft of building your productions up with synthesized & sampled sounds. It’s about how you can add impact and emotion to your productions in a way that no other instrument can. It’s about adding scale to your work and depth to your music.

With our roadmap as your guide, you should be able to pick up any modern synthesizer and immediately recognize the controls at your disposal. You should be able to not only speak intelligently about these tools, but you should be able to guide the discussions. You can always bring in somebody to play the parts you want in your song – this guide is about getting those parts to sound their best by controlling the virtual instrument or outboard synth; not letting them control you.

Finally, we’re going to dive into the world of using samples in your music. Whether you’re trying to use cinematic stingers like gunshots, explosions & sound effects or you’re trying to add atmosphere with ambient recordings, we’ll explain how those samples can integrate with your session in a musical, supportive way.

By the end of this guide, you should feel confident that you can get the sound you want every single time. You’ll have the ability to select what fits into a song quickly and efficiently, and you’ll look like an absolute production master to your clients and competition. And that all starts with making sure you know your role in the recording process…

What You'll Learn

  • How synthesizers and sweetners can fit into your workflow
  • How to use synths effectively in your arrangements
  • Learn types of synths and their roles in music production
  • The main elements of synthesizers and working with them
  • Getting creative with sample-based synthesis
  • Designing your own sounds and how to process them
  • Using sampled leads, cinematic samples, and more


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