Simple Studio Bass Rigs

There’s a lot of insight we can gain from bass-focused engineers and producers, as well as professional bassists, when it comes to getting an awesome bass sound both in the studio and in a live mix situation.


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Get an Absolute BEAST of a Bass Tone!
Recording bass directly is one of the most common techniques in the studio across many different genres. Producers love the clear, unaltered low end present in a great DI recording and the pliability that sound has in the mix. While...
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What Is A Subwoofer (And When Do You Need One)?

Subwoofers are some of the most commonly found devices in recording studios – big and small. After the computer, interface & speakers, a subwoofer is often the next hardware purchase for producers that work primarily in the box. But what is a subwoofer and why bother with them?

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