Recording Bass: Fingerstyle vs Pick
We’ve covered the second half of that pretty in depth on the blog in the past – tips for mixing your bass DI and ways to get it to sit right in the mix, so today we wanted to change things up a bit and look at one of the biggest decisions a bassist needs to make ahead of their performance: should they use their fingers or a pick?
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Adding Intensity to Any Bass Tone
What should you do if you find yourself faced with a bass guitar tone that just doesn’t cut through the mix in the way you need it to? How do you get your bass to compete with massive, layered guitars and punchy, explosive drums? With a bit of pre-planning and a few simple mix hacks, of course!


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Making Your Bass Guitar GROWL!

Growl is a combination of some low-end grit, a bit of overdrive, and even a little top-end sheen to help it cut through. It’s a common tone for rock and metal, but one that’s hard to dial in just right.

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