Gain Reduction Deluxe

Get the signature vocal sound heard on thousands of productions from around the world.

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Ola Englund

"Menace is one of the easiest and just hands on amp sim plugins I’ve tried that have sounded killer straight out of the box without any dialing. Some serious tone!"

Forge your tone!

Drewsif Stalin

Watch Drewsif use Toneforge to create a pulverizing track! Even at very low guitar tunings, Toneforge delivers unparalleled definition and clarity.

Forge your tone!

Bone Tones

38 Sacred Tones, Finally Unearthed
8 Monstrous Rhythm Tones
13 Hellish Lead Tones
17 Special FX Gems

Discover your tone now!

Gain Reduction Deluxe

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Toneforge - Menace

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Producer Bundle

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Bone Tones Bundle

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